Angel’s Nightie (2015)

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Angel's Nightie (work-in-progress)

Angel’s Nightie (work-in-progress)

Collage and pencil drawing (2015)


The idea behind Angel’s Nightie is the merging of a chrysalis with a full-size Body bag, with all that entails of my musings on death and rebirth.

I am interested in ‘death’ being a rupture into a new beginning. A new form of life, after perhaps a sleep or a period of gestation.

Just as our ‘milk teeth’ are replaced by teeth that we have grown ourselves, out of our own experience within the first six or seven years of our life, maybe the body we were born into can be replaced by one that we have grown, through our own experiences, so that at the ‘end’ of what we call ‘life’ we are able to give birth to ourselves, in the way a butterfly or dragonfly ‘gives birth to itself’ in a new form.

Angel's Nightie (work-in-progress)

Angel’s Nightie (work-in-progress) Pen Drawing (2015)


Angel's Nightie (work-in-progress)

Angel’s Nightie (work-in-progress) Plan of Body Bag Drawing:  Pencil and Pen and Watercolour (2015)


Angel's Nightie (work-in-progress)

Angel’s Nightie (work-in-progress) Studio wall


Angel's Nightie (work-in-progress)

Angel’s Nightie (work-in-progress) detail of Studio wall: samples of silk, satin organza and metallic organza


Angel's Nightie (work-in-progress)

Angel’s Nightie (work-in-progress) detail of studio wall: samples of black synthetic fabrics


Angel's Nightie (work-in-progress)

Angel’s Nightie (work-in-progress) close-up detail of Polyester Chiffon fabric


At first it was strange and a bit eerie when the Body bag I had ordered arrived by courier. After a few days I finally took it out of its box. Spread it out on the floor in my room, in order to study its measurements and openings and structure.

I want to make a body-bag-chrysalis and have been collecting samples of fabrics that I am interested in using. I am also thinking about potentially using scrim and today thought about exploring the option of Japanese paper. Also thought about applique and projecting onto the fabric either using liquid light or screen printing or using a projector as part of the installation of the piece.


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I'm an artist, writer and Inclusive arts Practitioner; my work uses performance, installation, still and moving image, text and objects to explore the way people relate to one another; I draw on the everyday and my own inner experiences and responses to the world around me and extrapolate from there. I work alone or in collaboration with others.

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