Alice Lunt

Originally from Germany, Alice Lunt is a UK based interdisciplinary artist, who graduated from the University of Brighton with a first (with commendation) in Fine Art (Sculpture) in 1993, and went on to complete an MA Fine Art (Sculpture) at Chelsea School of Art, in 1995.

walk into my parlour: spinning gossamer threads, and playing parlour games is an over-view, a selection, of work made between 1990 and 2015

Over the years documented here, Alice Lunt has taken very particular found objects, that carried within them a history of their previous usage, from a predominantly domestic environment, and transformed them; combining them with text and still or moving image and sound; tampering with them in an exploration of the “done-to-ness” in Self-Other relationships and the ambivalence inherent in the strong emotion that might be called love. The thread that runs through her work is her interest in childhood, in memory, and in how we relate to, and are shaped by, the significant people in our lives.

Throughout the years her work has evolved from making objects, to making installations and performances, usually small intimate one-to-one performance-installations since the early 1990’s; sometimes performances to camera, or documented through text, creating artist’s books.  She has performed in Brighton, London, Glasgow, Berlin and Krakow. : for raw and fragmentary work-in-progress and never quite finished pieces






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