Since 2015 I have been studying for an MA in Inclusive Arts Practice at the University of Brighton. This has led me to reassess and reconsider my practice as a potential antidote to the toxic mis-encounters of childhood. Working in one-to-one collaboration with others I seek to create a place to meet, listen and respond, where it is possible to engage in a dialogue through making and creating. This dialogue does not just consist of the mutual stories shared, rich as these are, but also in the way we touch and work with the materials and objects and the choices we make as to what to reveal and what to keep hidden; though it is not always easy to keep things hidden from the materials and the objects.


I now consider myself both an artist and an Inclusive Arts Practitioner. How those two things will coalesce I am not yet sure; but what I do know is that my art practice evolves very slowly, and like the fermentation process in bread making for example, a little piece of the old is always needed for carrying over into the new. : a project that began its life as an arts-based research project